Gentle Journey

P.O. Box 324
Hazlet, NJ 07730



Maggie - You had me wrapped around your paw since day 1. We had a fun filled 15 years together. Rest in peace baby girl till we meet again!


Satchmo- You were the greatest dog ever! I miss our hikes in the woods, and running around with you on the beach.


Tyler- you came to us as an old man and were only with our family for a few months, but you adjusted well to your new home and new dog and cat companions, and you brought joy to our home. You are missed!


Sammy- you were such a cool cat. You never hesitated to share your home with new people or animals. You were adventurous and full of love!

Wrangler- you truly were the best dog ever from day one....You are missed by all Baby Boy.